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Applying for a charity place

To get started, choose your preferred cause from the official charity listing and hit ‘enquire’ to apply to join their team.

How does it work?

Applying for a place through the event’s Official Charity Programme, in partnership with realbuzz, means if your application is successful, you’ll get a guaranteed entry into the event. You just need to reach the minimum fundraising target requested by your charity, with support and guidance all the way through your charity running journey. Each charity has a certain amount of places on their team, which varies by charity, and places are often in high demand so the charity will vet your application. They will get in touch directly to keep you updated on your application.

Irish Life Dublin Marathon

Run for charity

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Your charity will be in touch

Your charity will be in touch asap using the contact details you supplied in your application.

Start fundraising

Discuss your fundraising target with your charity and start raising money for a great cause!

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Official Charity Partners

You can only have one ‘live’ application to a charity at any one time. Please look through the listings and choose a charity to support that is close to your heart. If your application is rejected you are able to submit an application to another charity or you can withdraw your application at any time by contacting Realbuzz Group and submit a new application to a different charity.

Yes! Even if you already have your own place in the KBC Dublin Marathon, our partner charities would love to have you on their fundraising teams. As an own place runner your charity will still provide you with all the support you need. As you already have a place in the event, this won’t use up one of the charity’s limited guaranteed entries, meaning your charity can add even more runners to their fundraising team. To apply as an own place fundraiser, be sure to select ‘Yes, I have my own entry’ on the ‘Do you already have an entry in this event?’ step of the application form.

All of our official charity partners of the KBC Dublin Marathon have guaranteed entries in the event for fundraisers. If you already have your own place in the event, you are welcome to raise money for any charity of your choice. Charities who are not an official charity partner will not be able to offer you a guaranteed entry in the event if you do not already have one.

Alternatively you can ask your charity to get in touch here to learn more about how they can become involved in the official charity programme.

As well as including the personal information your charity will need to get in touch with you, your application will also include some information about your fundraising.

Remember, charities will receive a high volume of applications and will not be able to offer places to everyone. You are more likely to be accepted based on the quality of your application, specifically ‘Why do you want to participate?’ and ‘How will you meet your fundraising goal?’ so please think carefully about your answers. 

Charity place runners do not have their own entry in the race (via the ballot) and so have been allocated one of the charity’s guaranteed entries by agreeing to a minimum fundraising target. Own place runners have secured an entry via the ballot and do not need any help from the charity to secure a place in the event.

All charities set their own fundraising amounts for the KBC Dublin Marathon, so minimum fundraising targets will vary. Once your application has been submitted, your charity will be in touch to discuss your fundraising target with you before accepting your application. Don’t worry though - every official charity partner will provide you with all of the support and resources you’ll need to easily reach your fundraising target. If you want to find out more about a charity’s fundraising target, please use the contact details on each of the listings to request more information directly from the charity you wish to support.

This will vary between charities, as a charity will close their applications once they have filled their limited amount of guaranteed charity places. To avoid disappointment, make sure you submit your application as early as possible.

As a fundraiser you’ll receive support from your charity throughout your KBC Dublin Marathon journey, including during your training, on race day itself and after the race. The support you receive will vary from charity to charity, but may include training plans, fundraising resources, regular updates from your charity, and personalised running t-shirts. As a fundraiser your charity will be hugely grateful for your vital contribution to their cause, so you’ll find that they will help you however they can.

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