EJ Autism Foundation

Why run for us?

EJ Autism Foundation is a 501c3 charity that supports programs in local communities around the NYC area. We are the largest independent Autism charity on Long Island. Presently we are looking to purchase an Autism Vacation Home away from home that allows families to regroup and reconnect and avoid the dreaded staycation.


What support will you receive?

If you run with us it will be from the generosity of your heart and spirit. We are not a large national entity, but rather a formidable but small local charity. We are in the states. Sending anything over the pond is costly and complicated with customs. We are sorry for this. However, if you are ever in the states with an address that accepts mail we will gladly outfit you with our empowering Autism gear.


Our fundraising targets?

$1500 minimum please


Contact details

Please contact bea on WhatsApp 631-521-4134 or via email: b.ejautismfoundation@gmail.com

(If you need a charity place)