Honolulu Marathon

VIP Charity Bibs - 2023 Honolulu Marathon

Why Get Involved?

Charity fundraising is at the heart of Honolulu Marathon Association but this year we aim to fundraise more than ever for worthy causes around the US.

2023 is the inaugural launch of our VIP Charity Programme, so be part of something incredible in 2023!  

Here is how you can get involved.....

Get a VIP Charity Bib!

A 'VIP Charity Bib' is one that is owned by the charity. They are allocated to runners who can guarantee to raise a pre-agreed amount of money for that charity.

Once you reach your target, you are then given your Bib.

This amount you need to fundraise will differ by charity and some charities will have a lot more entries than others. Whatever the amount agreed it is important that the runner sticks to the agreement and raises the amount that was agreed at the start.

Hit the 'Apply for a VIP Charity Bib' button to see what Charity Team you could join...

Apply for a VIP Charity Bib

Become a Charity Hero!


You’re no longer running this race alone – you’re running shoulder with a whole team of charity runners, all working together to reach the finish line and raise money for an amazing cause.

Your chosen charity will be with you every step of the way, offering you all the support you need during your training and fundraising, race day and beyond!

By committing to fundraising for charity, you’ll receive a whole host of benefits as a VIP charity runner and here’s the type of thing you can expect:

- A VIP Bib in the 2023 Honolulu Marathon [including entry fee] - 

- Dedicated Training support provided by Realbuzz [event specialists] -

- Exclusive access to realbuzz Club [an online Training Community]-

- Training plans -

- Online coaching support -

- Access to the Official Honolulu Virtual Event - 

- VIP Gold Bib [Unique Design for VIP Charity Runners only] -

- VIP Fundraising Medal [Unique Design for VIP Charity Runners only] -

- VIP Access to the Expo -

- VIP Finisher Zone – including food and drink for yourself and up to 2 additional friends & family -

Fundraising Targets

When you get a charity place, you’ll agree on a fundraising target with your chosen charity. The typical fundraising amount for one of the charities VIP CHARITY BIB's is $1,500 . This will make a huge difference to your charity and enable them to carry on their life-saving work. If you have your own entry, you can fundraise whatever you like, but obviously the more you can raise the better!

What Charity Can I Run For?

You can run for whatever charity you like, but if you are looking for one of the special VIP CHARITY BIB's the only charities that have these are listed HERE. If you have an entry that you have secured through our public entry system you can run for whoever you like. If you choose one of our partner charities however, you know that they know all about the event and will be able to support you in your fundraising and training journey.

What Charity Should I Choose?

There are a lot of charities to choose from! It’s always a good idea to choose one that you have an affinity with. The more you can relate to your charity the more committed you’re likely to be and the more you’re likely to raise for them. Fundraising can be extremely rewarding and it’s a lot easier if you have a connection or relationship with your charity. Check how they can support you as well. Do they offer fundraising advice or training tips? All of our partner charities are listed HERE.

Our Partner Charities

We have partner charities from all over the World and they all have one thing in common. They are all committed to making your Honoluu Marathon experience a highly memorable one and in return they'd love as much support from you as possible. 

Here is an example of just a few, you can CLICK ON ANY TO JOIN or see the full list by clicking HERE.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Use your own General Entry Bib!

If you have entered our public entry system and paid for an entry, you’re what’s known as a DIY runner. You might not have thought of running for a charity before, but you should, it can be really rewarding.

You don’t need to raise a pre-agreed amount of money for your chosen charity like you do if you apply for a ‘Charity Bib', but just bear in mind that if the charity you pick does provide you with any products or services like a running shirt or training tips, it all cost money.

Do your best to raise as much as you can. Aim for $250 and then keep going.

Hit the 'Run With a Charity' button to see what Charity Team you could join...

Run With a Charity

How Do I Raise Money?

The first thing you need to do is to set up a fundraising page. Once you have setup your page (and added some photos and detail about why you’re running for your chosen charity) then you need to tell everyone you know about it! Use every social media channel you have at your disposal to get the word out. Email it to contacts, WhatsApp, text, everything. Got a TikTok account? Get one and start posting. Document your running and fundraising experiences and have some fun. The more imaginative you can be the more money you’ll raise!

With the support of your charity, you’ll easily be able to fit your fundraising around your training efforts, and you’ll have so much fun along the way. From bake sales to bucket collections, there are so many exciting and effective ways to fundraise.

On realbuzz.com you'll find 100 fundraising ideas that actually work. There’s something for everyone in there, and these are all proven techniques to smash your fundraising target!

Start your journey today...