Your Fundraising Journey starts today...!

Step 1

Choose Your Charity

Know who you want to run for? Select a charity from our list of partners.

Unsure who to run for, but know which event you want to run - go to step 2.

Step 2

Choose Your Event

Now you've chosen your charity, select an event you'd like to get involved with.

Or unsure who to run for but know which event? Choose your event here first, then select the 'placement' option and our team will be in contact to discuss which charities match your criteria.

Step 3

Start Fundraising

Once your event and charity have confirmed availability - Pay a £100 deposit to reserve your place - which you later get back once your fundraising goal has been achieved! 

An exclusive welcome pack worth £ will be sent out via the post, and then your rewards journey begins!

Step 4

Support & Training

As you work through the milestones of your fundraising targets, support and advice will be given throughout your journey, as well as unlocking benefits such as a free entry into one of our Virtual Events to help with your motivation during training!

You'll be able to update and follow your progress on your personal account via this platform.

Once 75% of your agreed target is met you will gain your race entry bib.

Step 5

See You At Race Day!

When 100% of your pre-approved fundraising goal is met, you will get your £100 deposit back, and be invited to come along to the Event Expo to celebrate with us and redeem all your VIP runner rewards at our realbuzz stand! 

For further help and assistance, please visit our FAQs page.